Harmony Premium Theme

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Harmony Premium Theme

Harmony Premium Theme

The Harmony Premium Theme is the newest of Elegant Themes theme. It is a responsive theme (adjusts to your clients screen size including tablets and mobile phones) that integrates very well with eCommerce shopping carts.

The Harmony Premium Theme front page has your chosen image in the background with each section moving over the top showing your ‘recent posts’, ‘upcoming events’, ‘featured product’ and other merchandise or any other category you feel you need to have on your home page. This theme also enable you to place 3 footer sections at the bottom of the page.

The Harmony Premium Theme looks like a minimalist WordPress theme and is still packed with the Elegant Themes std ePanel Option Features, and with the Shortcodes and plugins available when purchasing the Developer option, and also integrates easily with shopping carts.


Harmony premium theme - shopping cart

Harmony shopping cart

I would strongly suggest you thoroughly  look through the live demo of the Harmony Premium Theme as I kept finding features that just blend in so well that often are not included in many premium themes.

The Elegant Themes eCommerce Themes merge with and are very easy to use and update with the different eCommerce plugins, I generally use eShop. I can add freight details/costs, which currency, and am able to collect all the needed client details, where/when I want I can add discount codes which are limited by either the number of discounts or a time limitation.