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and processes involved in putting together a website.

Often the first step people take to set up a website is to look at and purchase a domain name without much investigation or knowledge as to what would be the best domain name. Often the name that is chosen is the name of the business, thats great if you are say ‘McDonalds’ but if you are ‘Mr J Bone & Sons’ a main website of that name will not be searched for unless the searchers already know you, and if that is the case you are not expanding your client base. This is where I use the Google Keyword Tool and recommended you get to know it well, as time goes on I suggest you get a google account with access to the tool (no cost involved), but in the meantime  here is access to the public version you just need to fill in the captcha each time you use it. Please do use it, at a minimum it will help you confirm what is being searched for in Google in relation to your initial thoughts. Using the Google keyword tool will even let you spy on websites that you will be competing with, don’t get too engrossed as you may lose sight of where YOU are going and those websites may not be targeted or optimised well. Very IMPORTANT: Use a domain name that people are looking for in relation to the service or product you are targeting. There are many books and webpages in regards to keyword tools, yes some are good and many are trying to sell you something, but I recommend you first learn as much as you can about the Google keyword Search Tool Another useful Google tool is Google Trends it will give you an idea what is trending in relation to your search terms, needs practice and understanding. It is NOT ultra important that you get to use the tools on day one…… but do get to know them as they will help you as time goes on. Other Webmaster Tools I suggest you implement are:

  1. Google Verification, placed on your site tells Google your site exists, and gives you feedback information, and
  2. Google Analytics, this helps you see how many have been to your site, where they, how they traveled through the site and much more.
  3. Google site map, this shows the search engines a map of your site and what you want them to see. (you do have some control)

You access each of these through a Google account, If you have one or need to sign up here’s the link www.google.com/webmasters/tools All three of these are easily implemented with the Elegant Themes Templates. Another tool I use often is Mindomo, as the name suggests it is a mind mapping or thought process planning tool which I use to help plan some websites. Two keyword Tools I have used and found them very good, (yes they cost but they work well and I still suggest you get to know the Google Keyword tool).

This SEO software set has become the de facto standard for website optimization.

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    • This is a one off cost.
    • Here is the SE-Cockpit video that explains the software far better than i can.
    • The video explains some important basics about getting traffic from Google and it comes with a downloadable PDF guide (completely free) as well.
    • This has a monthly fee.
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